The First Blog Post!

So, if you haven’t noticed, we finally have a new website!

I figured it would be good to start out by informing those of you who don’t know that Enlightenment Ales has partnered up with Idle Hands Craft Ales in Everett, MA. What this means, to put it simply, is that I am now brewing Enlightenment Ales beers on the Idle Hands brewhouse as well as the Idle Hands beers. Chris Tkach, my new partner in crime, is handling more of the business, distribution, and accounting side of things for both of us. Enlightenment Ales and Idle Hands Craft Ales will remain distinct and separate brands. Our doctors report that this arrangement has lowered both of our blood pressures.

“The New Regime”


“The New Fermenters”

"The New Fermenters"

“The New Kettle With Hippie Brewer Inside”

"The New Kettle With Hippie Brewer Inside"
While we’re both still getting used to the new arrangement there’s quite a lot coming down the pipeline for Enlightenment Ales!

  • “Enlightenment Brut” batch #10, the first produced on the new brewhouse, has been bottled and should be out by early July!
  • “Garrison,” the first beer in our new hop-forward draft only Emancipator Series is being kegged this week and sent out for delivery! I encourage you to come fill a growler of this 2.7% hoppy delight.
  • “Transcendence,” our American Farmhouse Ale with brett and buckets full of American hops is finally being brewed again! We hope to have the first new batch out by the end of the summer.
  • “Day Trip,” the Brussels inspired “extra hoppy golden ale” we brewed last year has been reformulated and will be making a return in the next few weeks. This year I used our Enlightenment Ales house farmhouse yeast, pale and pilsener malts, and a heavy dose of American Liberty and Czech Kazbek hops for a dry, bitter, and spicy hop character. Look for it soon!

Anyways, now that I have a bit more time I hope to actually update this brewers blog at least once a week and let you all know what’s actually going on! Thanks again so much for all of your support. I look forward to running into you all in a local bar and raising a pint together.


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