So, I lied…

…I’m only human. That promise I made you all back in August? Well, I was mistaken. It turns out I couldn’t find the time, energy, or resolve to update this site at least once a week.  But, we’re on the verge of  new year and it’s time to make some resolutions and give it another try!

Here’s a super quick summary of everything I can think of that’s happened lately:

-We brewed and bottled 10 bbl of a ‘wild American saison’ I’m calling “Things Are Beautiful.” An exercise in minimalism, this farmhouse ale was brewed with only pale malt (American pale and Belgian pils) and Cascade and Saaz hops. The crazy part? We didn’t even pitch any yeast! Wow! I know! In an act of disregarding everything I’ve ever learned about brewing from my mentor, my brewing school, or any brewing textbook I’ve ever read, we brewed 10 bbl of golden wort into a “dirty” tank that had previous aged Transcendence, my brett heavy American Farmhouse Ale. The resident microbes covering every inch of stainless steel inside the tank quickly took to it and have now fermented it down to nothing. Look for the fruity funky wild-at-heart saison this January.


-“Lord Mantis”, the long awaited tribute to my friend and lawyer Phil Mantis was brewed back in the early fall and will be released any day now!

-“Hofmann” my long imagined liquid tribute to Albert Hofmann has not only been brewed and consumed TWICE since we last updated this page, the third batch is out this Tuesday 12/23. This ‘double pale ale’ form lack of a better term is an insanely juicy American ale, pale in color, a soft body and bitterness, and a massive electric citrus and tropical fruit flavor. Fresh Galaxy and Chinook hops were used in outrageous quantities to bring my homage to Uncle Albert to life. To all the hop heads out there, please tell us what you think!


There’s ohhhhh so much more going on but I haven’t the time to tell you all! Cosmos is and out and more’s in the tank! Rite of Spring is being brewed this Tuesday into our brett tank “Funky Town.” And for all of you out there with a powerful lust for the hop, a follow up to “Hofmann,” “Kesey” is in the works for late February…

Until then, I bid you adieu!

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