The Face of Things To Come

Soooooo… a LOT is going on.

As you may or may not have heard, Massachusetts voters approved the building of casinos here in the Commonwealth (all hail the dollar!) back in November. Unfortunately for Enlightenment Ales, this means that the city of Everett and their partners at Wynn Resorts have acquired the land where our brewery is located. Long story short, we’re moving. Where to, I do not yet know. With any luck we’ll find a new location in the next few months and be able to transition to that location without any major interruption in production…

For the time being, however, I’m going to continue focusing on turning out funky saisons, hoppy all-American ales, and the nation’s only regularly produced Bière de Champagne. Here’s what we’ve got coming up:

-MORE “Hofmann”: Double Pale Ale
-MORE “Illumination”: Farmhouse IPA
-2015 “Rite of Spring”: Rustic Saison

-MORE “Kesey”: All American IPA (Now with extra Citra hops!)

-“Day Trip”: Well Hopped Saison
-“Titania”: Nordic Saison
-Even MORE “Hofmann” and “Kesey”
-“Enlightenment Brut”
-2015 “Transcendence”: American Farmhouse Ale

-“Propero”: Dark Farmhouse Ale
-“Verdence”: Rustic Wheat Ale

Updates to follow…

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